Random Rochester Happenings As of Late

We went to the lilac festival which is just down the road and, after much searching, Ted found a booth that sold donut dogs. What is a donut dog, you say, and why was he so anxious to find them? A donut dog is a bacon wrapped hot dog swaddled in a bun made of donut, and your guess is as good as mine.

This picture makes me feel simultaneously nauseous and strangely proud.

The other day, the missionaries called to ask us to bring one of their investigators to church. The investigator’s house was in a sketchier part of town and the missionaries hadn’t been able to contact the family by phone at all but we decided to go anyway. We arrived and Ted ran up to the door to see if anyone was home. He felt a little out of place in his suit-especially when a guy rode by on his bike and yelled “oh no it’s the Feds!” and put his hood up.



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