Our Favorite Book

I realized something today while I was packing up our books. We are the kind of family that has three different copies of East of Eden.

It might make sense for us to get rid of a copy or two. You know, apartment living and all. Except that one on the left-ted got that one at a used book store in Jackson Hole on a family trip. And then he lent it to me during that stupid time when we weren’t together and I devoured it-mostly because of the amazing story, but there was a little part of me that read it so fast because I knew that when I returned it, I would get to see ted. The one in the middle was a birthday present from Ted a couple years ago. He found a cool old copy he knew I would like and gave it to me on our trip to dc. And the last one, actually I think that one ted’s mom bought that one because we talked it up so much and then she didn’t end up liking it so she gave it to us. So I guess we could get rid of that one. But seriously, this book is life-changing and wonderful and I couldn’t recommend it more.

So tell me, what kind of family are you?


3 thoughts on “Our Favorite Book

  1. I read a bunch of Steinbeck last year, but not this. I’ll have to find a copy.

    We’re an Edward Abbey/Terry Tempest Williams kind of family. I’m not sure about what fiction is most common on our shelves. I’ll to check.

    1. Hey Steve, thanks for writing this here-so cool to hear about the books you love the most. You are the very best kind of family is what I think! And if you ever need to borrow any Steinbeck, well, you know who to ask.

  2. Hi Elise! As soon as I read your post, I checked out a copy of E of E at the library. Then I got a better idea and reserved the audio book. I’ve been listening to it all week. I’ve stacked 2 cords of wood to it, picked 60 lbs. of strawberries to it, made 2 dozen pints of strawberry jam to it and I’m still not done! Macduff has been getting some long walks and I’m always the one to volunteer to do little solitary chores where I can sneak away to turn on my story. Thanks!! And I LOVE your blog. You’re so funny and smart and quirky and interesting.

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