Rysers Take Manhattan Part 3: Easy Like Sunday Morning

Our last day in the city was a Sunday, so we decided to drive in and go to church on the upper east side. The drive was actually less stressful than I was expecting, but it was still weird to realize that we were driving through Harold Square or whatever.

Parking was straight crazy. We kept pulling into spots that looked totally fine and then people would come out of their houses and point to signs half a mile away and tell us that you would get towed there if you weren’t from the sewage company or that you were too close to the fire hydrant. Anyway, we finally found a place to park way up in Harlem and since we are such expert walkers, it was no biggie.

The stake center on the UES looks like any normal building from the outside and looks exactly like every other ward building on the inside, except it’s really skinny and 6 floors tall. We got there right as Sacrament Meeting was ending but we still made it for Sunday School, and ran in to our friends the Litsters on the way out.


We went to have a leisurely sunday stroll through central park. And what do you know but we ran into a shawarma cart and the Mr. Softee truck in front of the Guggenheim on the way. We enjoyed our lunch as we walked through the park, watching some people play wallball and basketball before heading back to our car to leave for good.

I am pleased to report that the return trip really only took us 5 hours, like google said it would. I was so grateful that Ted was driving on the way out because there were a couple near misses but then we were on the open road. Hopefully soon to return!


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