Rysers Take Manhattan (and a tiny bit of Brooklyn) Part Two: We Walked 13 Miles

No wonder the next day when I got out of bed, my legs completely gave out from underneath me.

It was Ted’s first time in the city so we had a lot of ground to cover. But still, 13 miles! that is a half marathon! People train for that stuff! Anyway, moving on…

We started the day off walking through Times Square to get to Central Park. Times Square featured many life sized muppets and bus tour offers. Central Park is always fun to see, plus they have nice public bathrooms! Which you realize are surprisingly hard to find in the city, especially when you’re with Ted who had to pee about nine times that day. There was some kind of a race/charity walk going on in the park and we snagged some free water and hung out by the lake watching people in rowboats.

Next stop was Shake Shack because even though it was only 11 am, we had to start early if we wanted to eat all the good food we wanted to in the city. It was really crowded inside so we took our food across the street to a bench by the natural history museum and enjoyed the sunshine. It was a cheeseburger for ted, shroomburger for this girl and crinkly fries and a to die for black and white shake to share.

Then we went to the Natural History Museum (the $30 we spent there is maybe my biggest regret of the day) and then took the subway down to chelsea to the highline park. Highline park is actually an old elevated train track that wasn’t being used anymore and was beautifully converted into a long walkway lined with plants and trees. The old tracks are still visible throughout most of the path, which I really liked because it was embracing how the city was instead of trying to fight against it. There were rooftop gardens and art exhibits. Also-gourmet popsicles! We got pineapple jalapeno. You have to try it to believe it.

Ted took a picture of this lady taking a picture of a guy taking a nap on the highline. It was so meta.

Highline  park ended right near the west village so we decided to walk through. Especially since we were getting hungry again and you can get a delicious falafel at Mamoud’s for $2.50. Every time I’ve been in that area of the city I’ve just really liked the feeling of it. So we thoroughly enjoyed our walk, even though some of us were starting to get blisters at this point. We ate our falafel in Washington Square Park with the pigeons and the hippies and the college students.

We got on the subway again and headed down to the World Trade memorial, did a couple laps around the area because we just didn’t feel like we had walked enough. The memorial was pretty cool, even though the area still looked like it was being cleaned up.. The foundations of the two buildings were turned into inverted fountains where the water falls into smaller and smaller pools.

After that, we decided to explore the financial district. We thought we might run into the occupy wall street people but turns out they aren’t actually on wall street. I read that walking over the Brooklyn Bridge is a cool thing to do, so we headed over to the waterfront. But the closer we got to the bridge, we realized that we would have to backtrack a lot to the middle of the island. We finally made it there after going about two miles out of the way and started walking across. The Brooklyn Bridge is unique because it has a pedestrian/biking path right in the middle of the huge lanes of traffic. The path actually ends up going above the road so you can almost forget that you’re on such a busy street. The views of the Manhattan skyline from the bridge were pretty epic.

We ended the night by getting pizza at Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn under the bridge. There was a line wrapping around the block when we got there and the guy behind us told us it would probably be about an hour. Ted’s phone was totally dead by then and mine was on its last leg (we were taking pictures like maniacs) so instead of looking up the restaurant on yelp or looking at our pictures like we sometimes would’ve, we talked to the people around us and were pleased that most were native new yorkers (Brooklyn accents are so weird and awesome) and we weren’t just being lured into a tourist trap that we would later regret.

Oh man did we not regret it. It might have something to do with how hungry we were from walking a half-marathon earlier that day, but it was the best pizza of my life. We rode a wave of garlicky cheesiness all the way back to penn station where we realized we wouldn’t get home until 2. Time flies when you’re trying to see everything in NYC in one day.

Whew. I apologize if that was exhausting to read. Congrats to anyone who made it through to the end. And you know, if you just skimmed the pictures, that’s cool too, we love you anyway.


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