Rysers Take Manhattan Part One: But First We Have to Get There

Ted got out of class early last Friday afternoon so we could start our trip down south. I was driving down the road, making good time, when all of a sudden I heard a big thump and then a really scary noise like something was dragging underneath our car. I was positive that I somehow hit a sheep or something without noticing it, and now it was stuck to the bottom of the car. Luckily, that did not happen. Instead, the actual bottom of our car had fallen off.

So we pulled off the road and into Bath, NY where the auto shops look like this:

And the really, wonderfully, nice mechanics fix your car for free with a zip tie.

On the road again, feeling pretty good, getting caught singing…

And then Ted was studying, bless his med school heart, and I was just driving along all oblivious (see above) past beautiful Scranton, PA and somebody (ahem) forgot to navigate for me and I took a wrong turn.

(This is where I was going to post a picture of the map with where we should have gone and where we did go, but macs don’t have paint and I don’t really feel like paying to download an app so…use your imagination and picture us 40 miles west of where we wanted to go.) We ended up in the slightly terrifying town of Hazleton, PA, locked the doors and drove on through, and finally found a route to the highway via a national park. Adventures!

Finally we arrived in New Brunswick where my uncle’s amazing friends agreed to take us in at last minute notice and rested up for probably the most walking-est day of my life.


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