How Old Am I?

After graduation, the whole fam took off for Boise. On the way down, Emiy, William and I rode in one car and it was just about as fun as a car ride through the tumbleweeds can be. It’s really great that as my siblings and I grow up, we realize that we really like each other-like not just as siblings. And even though Emily and I sometimes have discussions that make Will uncomfortable, and even though that sometimes makes us giggle, we just really enjoy being around each other.

Also we were kind of on a Paul Simon kick

This is always a sight for sore eyes, my pretty front yard.

We went to go get massages, my mama and Em and I. Other than three people accusing me of lying when I told them my age, it was a most relaxing and beautiful experience. My mom totally spoils me when I go home, but don’t you agree?

It’s always fun to go out to a fancy dinner with the family. Sometime fancy restaurants bum me out because I feel like I have to be all proper and feel pressured to order wine. But my little brother Christian provides the perfect comic relief for those kinds of situations by doing things like yelling out to the waiters as they walk away and licking his chocolate mousse bowl clean.

He’s just the kind of guy who knows what he wants. (Also, I totally don’t blame him for the bowl licking incident. Chili Chocolate Mousse from Berryhill is pretty ridiculous.)

I have thought long and hard about this and come to the conclusion that if I could only shop in one store, it would have to be the Boise Co-op. The cheese counter, guys, it defies words. Not to mention the decadent display above. One of the cakes from their deli inspired the cake at my Boise wedding reception. Needless to say, this place pretty much always gets a visit when I come to town.

Finally got to try the famous Boise Fry Company. Probably because of my unhealthy obsession with fries, I’ve been dying to eat here since I first heard about it.

Quinoa Burger with purple potato fries. Not too shabby.

I went on the best run with Cooper this trip. It was along the canal, which is important so I can throw him sticks and he can go swim and get them for me. We ran down the dirt path to Barber Park, Cooper making friends through the fence with little girls on their recess, me listening to a podcast and almost peeing my pants when I saw a raccoon sneak out of the bushes.

My mom and I also went to this new place in the linen district that looks just like a french marketplace. It was very charming and we got to try some macarons.

And then I was off to the airport, where I had this conversation with the guy working the gate.

Him: “Ma’am, would you be willing to switch to an exit row and get some more leg room?”

Me: “Sure that sounds fine…”

Him: “…You are older than fifteen, right?”

Me: “Ummm, I’m 24.”

Am I cursed to look like a high school student until the day I die?

Stay classy, Boise, I still love you.

xo, Elise


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