Things are Happening, People!

Amid the mind-numbing-ness of my last week of taxes, we got two very exciting pieces of news…

First of all, this girl found a real life actual job. Since we moved here I’ve spent countless hours on the internets searching for jobs, finally ended up going to a temp agency and found two great seasonal jobs (but thank goodness they were seasonal because either one would have been very frustrating in the long run) and had a lot of over-dramatic moments of despair and bachelors degree cursage.

But it all worked out and I am going to be an ambulatory (totally don’t even know what that word means) tech at a surgical clinic. I get to help get patients ready for and recover from surgery, do EKG’s, and probably a whole lot of other things that I don’t know about yet. It’s a clinic, so it’s closed on weekends which is awesome and I’ll finally get to do some work that I’m interested in.


…we’re going to be living here next year! There’s a couple living downstairs, but we get the whole top floor. It is such a cool old house, I can’t wait to do a video tour of it for you dudes.

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