one year

Our marriage is officially one year old, ted baby. Isn’t it crazy how time passes sometimes, and how we have both realized that even though we loved each other so very much on the day we got married, we love each other even more now. We have so much to look forward to, more time ahead of us than we have behind us, but I must admit, I’m a sentimental fool and so here’s to all we’ve done so far.

Remember when we were just two ragamuffins living way too far south of campus? And we had only been dating for a few weeks but we still hadn’t gone one day without seeing each other. I don’t know if you were keeping track, but I sure was. I played it cool (or at least I tried) but that really meant a lot to me. And that one night I was working on that crazy group research paper until 12, then 1, then two and they kicked my group out of the library and I told you to go to sleep, I would see you tomorrow, but you insisted on me calling you when I got done. And I’m pretty sure you fell asleep, but you woke up when I called you and you walked me home and that made me pretty much the happiest girl in the world.

And remember when you first held my hand on the couch while we watched that crazy Jack Black movie. And I was so nervous because you didn’t know yet about how my hands are sweaty, but you were totally cool about it. And our first kiss that you made me wait 6 or 7 dates for.

And remember when we both went to different ends of Canada and you were gone for a week and right before you got back I left for a week and when we got back we were stupid excited to see each other and couldn’t stop grinning for like, an entire night.

And remember going to Jackson Hole with all our friends for a kind of a last hurrah and you had a friend who knew a bunch of raft guides up there, so we planned a rafting trip on the Snake. And remember how the water was the highest it had been in forever, and it was freezing, and there were entire trees floating down the river. And even though I had been rafting more than anyone else there (other than the guides), I was still completely petrified for a week beforehand. And then the guide told us that statistically, one of us WOULD fall out of the raft and that just made it so much worse. And you told me that I didn’t have to go, but I would probably regret it if I didn’t. And we made it just fine and you were totally right just like you mostly always are.

And remember on that trip how all the food was so expensive so we went for a whole day without eating anything but the leftover grated cheese and the cherry tomatoes I made you buy. And even though I was sort of mad at the time (you know how I get when I’m hungry) I’m actually kind of glad that you are like that. That you are smart about money and okay with going without things you don’t really need.

And remember all the trips back and forth between Boise and Provo and St. George. And that one time we went to California with a bunch of friends for Valentine’s day and got soaking wet on the log flume and had bonfires on the beach (like ryan and marissa!). And then we went out for our special Valentine’s dinner and I got food poisoning from the Panda I ate the day before at six flags and threw up all of  my delicious (and expensive) dinner.

And that time we drove across the country. Man, we sure have logged a whole lot of miles together. Good think we kinda like each other.

And then when we first got to our new apartment and we unloaded all of our earthly possessions in one afternoon all by ourselves and then collapsed in a heap on the cushions from those lounge chairs my mom gave us because we didn’t have a bed yet.

And remember our first Valentine’s day as a married couple and how everything kept going wrong and I ended up crying in frustration on the bed while you were banging on the neighbors door at 1 am telling them to turn off their music and they just looked at you through the peep hole and locked the door and I. Was. So. Distraught. that our first V-Day was ruined. But just the other day I was on a run and that night popped into my head and it totally cracked me up. Doubled over laughing in the middle of Highland Park thinking about how ridiculous it all was. (Clearly, Valentine’s day is not my holiday.)

It’s funny how when I sat down to write this, the memories that came easiest to me are the ones where everything was not perfect. We have had plenty of days that have been completely perfect, but I sometimes feel like I love you most when we are going through imperfect things together. You make me feel like one lucky girl to have found you, ted.



P.S. here are some photos from our anniversary trip to the bed and breakfast  in which was consumed the most delicious breakfast of all time.


4 thoughts on “one year

  1. I love you guys! You’re definitely one of my favorite couples and you make marriage look less scary and so fun 🙂

  2. Looks like a beautiful place! I love your memories and thoughts, thank you for your big heart and wonderful honesty!

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