My next project

I may have mentioned this here before, but Ted has been using a desk that we found by the dumpster to do all his schoolwork. While I am actually really proud of this example of our frugality, it’s time to figure out something better. So I thought I could throw a little something together for an anniversary present. (Sorry Ted…surprise!)

Here are the three options I’ve been considering…

this option uses parts from ikea-would probably not be too hard. I can’t tell if it’s the desk I love or the chairs and the light from the big windows.

i love this one. it uses a sawhorse as the base and you can put pretty much whatever up top. An idea I saw a lot was old doors which maybe I could find at a thrift store and sand down?

this one would be great because there would be storage for all the crazy medical books that are currently stacked on our dresser and the floor by the computer. it would also probably be the most involved project and maybe the most expensive.

I would seriously love any and all opinions and advice. And I’ll be sure to post the finished product!


4 thoughts on “My next project

  1. Hey! Since I know you can build, have you checked out ?? She has some awesome build-it-yourself plans on there. Plus, if you don’t have saws and stuff, you can always have the hardware store cut your wood for you. Just a thought! She has a lot of things on there that would go with your ideas in your post. 🙂

  2. Cool ideas! I think you would be happiest with the third one for the longest time. plus you have a good window, so anything will look better there, right?!

  3. plus you can find kits to make the end shelf things at home depot, and like Heather said, they will cut the wood for nothing. just be careful. last weekend I build a tv cabinet which ended up costing in materials what it would have cost to buy (a cheap-ish one) already made!

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