Rochester, you’re not so bad.

So it’s been tricky getting used to living in this town. At first it was The Danger and then The Winter was going to bury us under literal feet of snow only The Winter never came and then there was that let down. The Job Market of Rochester is a dark spot in the dismal economy of our country, a fact with which I am well acquainted. Then there’s the matter of Nothing Ever Seems to be Going On except at totally weird and random times like St. Patricks Day. On Halloween there was absolutely nothing to do once we got our costumes all on and we just ended up going to the grocery store (which was actually kind of fun) but St. Patricks day gets a huge parade and everyone wearing green and traffic backed up for miles. I actually was talking to a rochestarian youth who told me that her favorite holiday was st. patrick’s tied with christmas for goodness sake.

The point is, this town, it’s kinda hard to love. The good things about it are not on the surface. You have to dig a little deeper. And so, in a quest to not hate where we live, we have started digging, started making this place our own, started finding things and places to love. I have good news to report: it’s working.

This is my last complaint in this admittedly whiny post I swear, but the food in Rochester. It’s not bad, just a little…enh. I first noticed this in the grocery store where the lack of any decent tortillas and bread , even in Wegman’s which is basically every Rochester native’s idea of heaven, was sadly apparent.  I’ve just gone to a lot of restaurants here that cook their vegetables to death and make me wish I stayed home.  One of the things that we missed the most was good Mexican food. So one night when we had a hankering for some good spicy food, we decided to try this tiny restaurant called John’s Tex Mex. And I’m so glad we did because since then it has become our little place. They have this amazing stuff called mexican mush and delicious spicy tofu (and meat I’m told) and the best cream soda and we usually end up paying like 15 bones and that’s it. It’s also in this really cool part of town called Southwedge that has been/will be fun to explore-they have all the coolest little restuarants/coffee shops/grocery/venues/salons/boutiques.

With the warm weather and Ted’s spring break a few weeks ago, we got to do a little exploring. I was dying to get out of town but Ted had just gotten back from his trip to Utah and was feeling like staying close to home. So…we compromised and went to Durand Eastman park just on the border of Lake Ontario.

But who forgot to tell me that Lake Ontario is basically the ocean? A dirty ocean that might kill you if you swim in it but still.

But what do you think about it, tedsy?

Mmhmm. I see. Life’s going to be just fine here if I have my brilliant tedstudent to explain things to me.

P.S. Maybe my favorite thing about Roch, NY:

*The awesome public market open year round three days a week selling cheap and beautiful produce




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