Right now, we are in the middle of figuring out where we are going to live next year. We really like where we live right now-it is safe, pretty reasonably priced, right next to a big park and close to the med school. It’s small, but we’re just two people and we kinda like being in close quarters. There’s no backyard, but there is a big common grassy area outside our front door.

So do we stay? Do we find a miraculous 50,000 craphole of a house in the perfect location and fix it up (my personal fantasy)? Do we find another apartment that will let us have a dog? Will the next place we live be the place we stay for the next 3 years?

I’ve been thinking about all this and it made me realize that in the past seven years, I have lived in eight different apartments.

Freshman Year-Heritage Halls-Snow Hall

Sophomore Year: Glenhood

Junior Year: Campus Plaza

Senior Year #1: La Grande

Senior Year #2: The White House

The Time Before I Got Married: Chatsworth

Newlywed: Cambridge Court

1st Year Med School: Elmwood Manor

My friends, I have lived in the dumpiest of the dumps and the…well mostly just the dumpiest of the dumps (up until Chatsworth). I am basically a walking guidebook to Provo housing. Moving in August seems like the norm, and the first year that I don’t move is going to seem really weird. Really weird but also really really nice.



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