1. Since starting my new job, I’ve been parking in the parking garage which has reminded me of how deep and abiding is my love for the smell of parking garages. They just make me want to breathe in really deeply. Don’t worry, I know I’m weird.

2. I have been more motivated to go to the gym since I discovered that they have wireless and I can watch netflix while I exercise.

3. These are turning out more like confessions than I was expecting. hopefully the rest won’t be quite as self-incriminating

4. My family recently figured out that we can all video chat together and, well…

…it is truly a beautiful thing. We might have had a little bit too much fun with the “masks” on google hangout, but we also got to do a full family mad-lib (our road trip tradition), annoy emily with our incorrect usage of artistic terminology, and feel like we were all together for an hour or so. My family is such the best.

5. I went on a walk by the river to take advantage of the 60+ degree weather during my lunch break.

The sun was shining down on me and it warmed me up all the way to my bones. I sat on the steps and watched the people walk past talking to themselves and the school groups crossing the bridge and read the crazy ramblings of some guy named Faulkner. Glorious.

6. The other seasonal workers at my job love talking about how much they weigh. I don’t even know how it got started, I just know that on the third day of work they both came over to me and asked me which one of them I thought weighed more. Um, no. Lunch usually consists of discussions about who eats less and jogs more.

7. Want to hear about my current diet plan? Tonight I couldn’t decide whether to have leftover minestrone or taco salad. So I had a little bit of both. That kind of story is not a hit at the lunch table.

8. I made a big ol’ friendship bracelet and stepped on it and called it a rug.


So now, you’re all caught up.

xoxo, Elisers


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