One Year Ago: The Reception

When I started looking for venues, my first thought was barns-ideally a cozy barn covered in twinkle lights with a bonfire crackling outside. A barn shouldn’t be that hard to find in Utah, right? Wrong. The only barn that we could find at all was basically a petting zoo where they did occasional stake hoedown activities and such. Not quite the rustically elegant idea I was going for.

I barely let myself take the next idea seriously-but it was too perfect to completely forget about. Ted and I got to know each other skiing at Sundace, we went hiking there in the summer, and decided to get back together after we went skiing there again, just as friends. The beautiful scenery/amazing food/perfect rehearsal hall didn’t hurt either. But I figured it was totally out of our price range.

Luckily, my mama taught me good that you never know if you don’t ask. So I called them up and it turns out that our wedding was on the single most undesirable weekend of the year, for ski resorts at least. Right between spring skiing and the summer time when they open up again. Which actually worked out perfectly for us because we wouldn’t have to rent the 60 rooms they normally make you rent for your wedding party or whatever.

We were not expecting snow, to say the least. But you know what? It just made everything ten times prettier. And I can hardly even remember how frozen my toes felt now. Not to mention Ted’s. See that top picture? The awesome one that looks like it could be in a magazine? It was obtained at the cost of Ted stepping in the lovely freezing pond to our left.


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