A rather hillbilly weekend

I overdosed on bowling in high school because it was my bff Rachel’s favorite thing to do. For years, all I felt toward bowling was hatred tinged with boredom. But we went this past weekend, I got two strikes, which is the best I’ve ever bowled I do believe, and we had a really good time. Probably due to my awesome nickname (thanks for that dad/christian.)

Roller derby made all my Whip It dreams come true. The names were horrifically great-Susan B. Agony paid tribute to Rochester history, other notables include poplockndropya and Shocking Audrey.  The crowd leaned to the…ahem…lesbian side. The fries were greasy. Neon was omnipresent.

I wanted to join in so bad. Until I remembered my roller skating days at classic skating in Orem. They were not pretty. My heels always ended up looking like hamburger meat and my grace was envied by none.

But seriously, awesome hillbilly weekend.


2 thoughts on “A rather hillbilly weekend

  1. One of my best friends is a roller derby girl in Lewisburg. Her name is Betty Crack-her. 🙂 I think she mostly does it because she gets to wear awesome tights with short shorts and she gets to pick her own name.

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