One Year Ago: The Dress

Around this time last year, I was in full-on wedding planning mode. So, for some reason, now all I want to do is plan a wedding. Does that ever happen to you, your life starts feeling all cyclical and you feel like certain seasons should mean certain things. Like this one time, we went to Connecticut in the fall to visit some family, and now every time fall rolls around I feel like it’s time to pack up and head to Connecticut. Or in early November I always get all tingly thinking about going skiing which I think is left over from a couple years in junior high when I was on ski team and we went up at least every Saturday, sometimes weekdays too.

Well anyway, it’s weird, and a little sad that I won’t ever get to plan my wedding again. Everyone says that it’s really stressful, and maybe it was at the time, or maybe I let my mom take the brunt of it, but looking back, all I can remember is how much fun it was (OK except maybe this one day I went to my florist’s house and I was on my period and I had been working since 6 and she kept going on about how I needed three different bouquets (one to toss, one for the temple, one for the reception. I mean really) and pink tablecloths (blegh) and I had a minor breakdown. Ahhh, good times) I loved so many things about our wedding. First off, the dress.

As some of you know, my mom is an amazing seamstress, and it was always a given that she would make my dress. We went shopping at a couple bridal stores for inspiration, which was totally fun, but nothing really seemed perfect. When I found this picture on design*sponge, it really felt like it captured the feeling I was going for-drapey, romantic, with still enough funky things like the lacy sleeves and the v-neck in front and in back to make it unique.

So here’s our version. I wouldn’t have changed a thing, especially not that handsome boy there smooching me.


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