Flavor Tripping Party

On Friday, Ted was talking to one of his classmates who asked him if mormons were allowed to eat crazy berries that turn your taste buds upside down.

Um. What?

Sounds like the sketchiest thing ever, no?

But it is actually a real thing<-(you totally want to click on that link. trust me.) And so, after we determined that it was word of wisdom a-ok, we went to a flavor tripping party of our own, and gorged on lemons, limes and grapefruit that tasted like candy, goat cheese and sour cream that tasted like cheesecake, and my personal favorite-grape tomatoes that actually tasted more like grapes than tomatoes. Bring on the antacids!


Miracle berries! Try them! I sound like a drug pusher!



2 thoughts on “Flavor Tripping Party

  1. Crazy! Is your stomach tricked too? How does all the Tabasco sauce etc settle?

    It reminds me of something Nick showed me before Christmas:

  2. I tried to order these for Christmas break as a surprise,but the delivery wouldn’t arrive in time. Sounds as good as advertised

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