I’m the hero of this story, I don’t need to be saved

Well, friends, we have a houseguest. He is black and furry and small and he has a creepy little tail and he is so not welcome. I spotted him tonight while ted was brushing his teeth and promptly became glued to my bed until my husband retrieved my ugg boots for me and checked that they were empty. It seems that the mouse/rat (mouserat!!!) was making use of our warm comfortable apartment and well stocked cupboards during our absence, entering via the heating vent.

swear words, guys, so many swear words.

which brings me to my goals for 2012:

Be tough. Be brave. Be the hero of my story.

Not necessarily about rodents or insects that I have a perfectly good husband to kill for me.  More like about all the crazy decisions that I have to make this year, the nursing school applications and interviews and working in a scary city. To be proactive and make things happen. To work with Ted to make our lives the way we want them to be. Make this a year to be proud of.

Somewhat vague? Here’s another one:

photo a day on instagram

At least for January…I’m excited about this one though!

Numero Tres:

Learn how to make really good homemade bread. The bread selection in Rochester is pretty dismal, so I want to make my own, and make it so that Ted can use it as sandwich bread. My usual homemade bread is so crumbly and dense. Also tortillas. without lard preferably


Do good stuff with my calling as young woman’s leader. Do personal progress with the girls. Build my testimony so I can inspire others, and for myself too.

Keep working on this list. It’s gotten a little lost by the wayside, but I’m at 60 something.

Be more patient with everyone around me. Be more willing to see good than bad. Smile.

Be healthy. Eat more fruits. Find a gym.

Memorize the family: a proclamation to the world

And remember to write it all down

with love, happy new year




2 thoughts on “I’m the hero of this story, I don’t need to be saved

  1. First of all, I’d say 2011 was definitely a year to be proud of.
    Second – your list would take me 3 years at least! Thanks for some great resolution ideas, however.
    Tres – love your photos

  2. I love your resolutions, I think I may need to steal some of them! Please report your progress on bread making, that’s something I’ve always wanted to be better at too- plus nothing beats fresh homemade bread! I love you and miss you! P.S. When did you get called as YW leader?!

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