In a very unusual turn of events…

I have started wanting to eat eggs all the time. Leftover Greek veggies and couscous? Fry up an egg and throw it on top. Salad’s a little boring? Hard boiled egg, baby, all sliced up.  I want to eat this for every meal.

I know. Alert the presses.

In other news, Ted got a new job for the summer which is totally awesome. He is going to be working at a clinic here in Rochester. I swear, he has never applied to a job he hasn’t gotten (rrrrrrrrrr) But he totally deserves it, he is such a hard worker. This summer will be the last time that Ted will be “free” for the foreseeable future, so hopefully we will be taking advantage-traveling with family, exploring around Rochester, camping lots, and taking trips to Toronto and Manhattan.

Well, this girl is in the middle of finals, full time working and trying to buy/make christmas presents and that’s pretty much all my poor little brain can handle these days.

speaking of which….

I decided to round up the things I would buy for my family, if the internets were my closets…

For my mama

an awesome PUBLIC bike and…

pretty dress forms because she always makes the best things and this way she could do it in style

For Will

A sailboat cause he loves sailing in our mini one, and this one, he could take to tropical places and go scuba diving off the side

For my Christian man…

A remote controlled helicopter +

his very own ipad to control it with because what 10 year old doesn’t need an ipad and let’s face it, he would love me forever. (also, I really want to play with this too)

For Em

Oh, you know, just her own personal rickshaw. So she can always ride in style.

And for my dear father

An original picasso.


some tickets to the vienna opera house.

Sorry fam that your real presents won’t be quite this extravagant. At least you know I’m thinking of you!

peace out from elisepolice.

Stuuuuuuudy time.



6 thoughts on “In a very unusual turn of events…

  1. So Sweet! And so thoughtful! You know us so well! I love the dress forms. I would not hide that, I’d use it as decoration in my living room! 🙂

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