Ryser Visit

This year, Telised got to be hosts for our first major holiday. It was pretty great to have the whole Ryser clan here…9 and counting (sorry Nick, I think we will all keep teasing you until you get married. But NO RUSH. I promise.)

About a month before they came, I decided that it would be a brilliant idea to go on a 4.2 mile run for Thanksgiving morning. Less brilliant is how it seemed at 8 am the day of. But then we went and it really did end up being a lot of fun. There were about 3,000 people there to Turkey Trot their hearts out and so many people dressed up in fun costumes. We saw a group carrying a full dinner table the whole way. A dead possum on the side of the road was also a highlight (not).

here’s ted carrying me after my stupid glutes gave out at mile 4.


We had a plan, Thanksgiving dinner-wise. We were ordering basically everything from a restaurant because cooking Thanksgiving dinner on my own for 9 people was just a little bit overwhelming and I personally find it depressing to go to dinner on holidays. But then I decided that I also needed to make a butternut squash gallette. Oh and also creamed corn and pretzel jello salad and a tuscan kale salad and an arugula pear pomegranate salad and a pumpkin pie. My tiny kitchen was bonkers crowded with  bread crumbs getting smashed and turkey getting carved and twelve things waiting to get into the oven. They forgot to give us rolls and maybe I almost started crying and considered making my own for a split second until I remembered that it takes EIGHT HOURS. Maybe I’m a crazy person? I don’t know?

Here is our table that we borrowed from the church with our hotel bedsheet tablecloth and salads in pyrexes. Everything always ends up coming together in the end, doesn’t it, even if it seems like a complete disaster while you’re working on it. The most important thing was having all of us sitting around the table together giving thanks.

It wouldn’t be a Ryser vacation if it wasn’t jam packed full of fun. During the next three days we took family portraits, went to niagara falls, saw every church site, ever, went to the temple, visited the museum of play, showed them my work and ted’s school and played lots and lots of games.


5 thoughts on “Ryser Visit

  1. Elise! I love your blog! Did you know that I went to high school with your sister-in-law, Maggie? I love her. Oh, I just remembered, I think we did talk about that a long time ago. Anyway, sounds like you guys are having lots of fun and adentures! I didnt know you were in NY! How fun! Hope you are doing well!

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