Thanks, little blog friend.

Only a few more days to go. Soon, there will be mashed potatoes and cranberries and candles and pies and a turkey trot and family and white christmas. There will be hugging and talking and laughing and music and just a little bit of jealousy that my side of the fam will be in McCall without me. And yet. There will also be an end to my little project of posting every day.

I probably have about twelve journals, valiantly begun, sometimes lasting two whole months until I forget about them and they wither in despair. I have never been very good at consistently writing things down. And so I’m really grateful for this silly blog project of mine. It’s not a journal, exactly, but it still gives me a chance to write down the things I’m thinking and the things that make me happy and to remember what my life was like at this very point in time.

Also. I’m grateful for the people that stop by to read. I am really grateful for commenters. As Ted can attest, I get stupid excited when I see an email in my inbox letting me know that I have a comment. And I’m grateful for the accountability that it gives me, as I attempt to share the things I am grateful for. Without you, my lovely readers, I might have slacked off a day or two. So thank you. For inspiring and supporting me.

Thanksgiving. Bring it on.

xo, Elise


6 thoughts on “Thanks, little blog friend.

  1. Dear Elise,

    I’m a friend of Katy’s, from childhood actually, and I’ve loved reading your blog — it makes me feel quite young, but more than that, it caused me to stop and remember, myself, the many things that float through my life to bring me gratitude. This is a pleasure!

  2. Oh I have loved this. And I am sad to see it end. Your thoughts are so fun to read, so delightful and insightful. I feel like I know you a little better and I’m glad. Tell Ted we sure miss you guys and hope to see the likes of you both soon! Have a VERY happy Thanksgiving!

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