So…when are we gonna start talking about books

Books are pretty much the coolest, right? They fill our minds with new worlds, new possibilities. They teach us things. They allow us to feel emotions, to go on adventures without even leaving our homes. To feel cozy, inspired, sad. Is it weird that I’m grateful for things that make me feel sad? Some of the best things I’ve read are tragic and that makes them all the more beautiful.

Some of my favorite books in no particular order

To Kill a  Mockingbird,  Cat’s Cradle, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, The History of Love, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Anna Karenina, Animal Dreams, East of Eden, Song of Solomon…

Another thing that I love about books is that there is always something more, something to work towards, Just because I don’t have the patience or maturity to read a certain book right now, (I’m looking at you Ulysses, Moby Dick, Brothers Karamazov) doesn’t mean I never will. That’s what my life reading list is for. Oh how I love my life reading list.

And yes, I did entitle my post with a quote from Mary Kate and Ashley movie. NBD. Just two things that go together really well. Reading and movies filled with discussions about the definition of the word “day date” and slow motion montages of the best moments that happened earlier in the movie.


5 thoughts on “So…when are we gonna start talking about books

  1. Haha I feel like a creepy stalker but I can’t stop reading and then commenting in your blog. I have only known a few people who can appreciate East Of Eden (or any of the incredible books you listed) and Mary-Kate and Ashley at the same time. It’s a true quality.

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