Guilty Guilty

[Full disclosure, this post is about to get real]

Today, I’m grateful for guilty pleasures. Some of mine are…

Old Gilmore Girls episodes I have seen twenty times before.

Deep fried stuff. Oh man do i want to make this recipe. It would simultaneously satisfy almost every craving i’ve ever had. It is really making me want to have a party, so that I’ll have an excuse to make them.

Kissing my husband while he’s on the phone

Getting samples at the grocery store/mall without any intention of actually buying anything.

Reading other blogs, notably: Suri’s Burn Book (Tom Cruise’s daughter makes fun of other celebrity’s children), Joy the Baker, and Nat the Fat Rat.

Cleaning out the lint thing on the dryer, taking the plastic wrap off of new electronics, these things are categorized in my mind for some reason

Sitting by heater vents with a blanket around me and over the heater so that it makes a little tent of warmth.


buying really expensive groceries, notably fancy cheeses.

Okay so I shared mine, now it’s your turn…





8 thoughts on “Guilty Guilty

  1. Tonight mine is pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Usually it’s walking up Milo hill after a jog, with the sun on my face, gazing at Mt Olympus… but that’s not as guilty at 5 cookies in one sitting.

  2. Does watching Eclipse with ten women last night til 2am count… it’s worse, it was to prepare us all for the Premier of Breaking Dawn… Yeah, I’m pretty sure that counts, and I think Jace is wondering who he really married… All time low. But, totally entertaining!

  3. I actually woke up in the night and thought about this…what I would call my guilty pleasures. So just to be honest: frosted sugar cookies, (I can not eat just 3!) moving my pottery workshop into the dining room, which totally takes it over, but what a wonderful thing (and Andy is super patient about it) and -since I was born practically- it has been sleeping in. that delicious feeling of staying in bed 5 minutes longer than I should.

  4. Well, Hi Elise, you’re my favorite human, and yes, I did learn to type without opposable thumbs. Guilty pleasures are my favorite. Bolting out the front door whenever anyone decides to open it in my presence (they should know); sleeping on the family room carpet (they think I always stay off the carpet, haha) jumping joyfully in the duckpond with my friend Tobi (they laugh) and sniffing, anything and everything! Ok so I’m a bad dog, but I don’t lick or bark or bite. And I am really good at love.

  5. This was fun to think about! I made a whole list in my head since I read your post. Here are mine:
    dangly earrings
    Kraft mac ‘n cheese
    taking a looong nap
    staying up late at night, eating cereal and reading a book I can’t put down
    buying potted plants – I used to not have any counter space in my dorm room because I had bought so many!
    eating 3 boxes of raspberries in one sitting
    playing around with my new iPod touch!! 🙂

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