…And Other Concerns

Just finished reading Mindy Kaling”s book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns.)

It was adorable, hilarious and the slightly vapid brain candy that my brain just craves every so often. I’m grateful for how many times it made me laugh and wish that I was Mindy’s best friend.

Also grateful for this unexpectedly insightful marriage advice, or I don’t know if it’s advice exactly. Her opinions. Anyway I thought it was cool…

“What happened to being pals? I’m not complaining about Romance Being Dead-I’ve just described a happy marriage as based on talking about plants and a cancelled Ray Romano show and drinking milkshakes: not exactly rose petals and gazing into each others eyes on the top of the Empire State Building. I’m pretty sure my parents have gazed into each other’s eyes maybe once. and that was so my mom could put eye-drops in my dad’s eyes. I don’t want to hear about the endless struggles to keep sex exciting, or the work it takes to plan a date night. I want to hear that you guys watch every episode of The Bachelorette together in secret shame, or that one got the other hooked on Breaking Bad and if either watches it without the other, they’re dead meat. I want to see you guys high-five each other like teammates on a recreational softball team you both do for fun. I want to hear about it because I know it’s possible, and because I want it for myself… the point is, marriage is work, but you might as well pick work that you like.”

And we’ll end with this, just for fun

“I would rather have someone read my diary than look at my iPod playlists. It’s not because I have embarrassing playlists called “Setting the Mood…” or whatever. My playlists are humiliating because my workout mixes have dorky titles like “Go for it, Girl!” and “You Can Do It, Mindy!” You might also see that some of my playlists are simply two songs on repeat fifteen times, like I’m a psycho getting pumped up to murder the president.”

I mean, right?


2 thoughts on “…And Other Concerns

  1. Um I am going to stop reading what I am reading right now…(because it’s Pride and Prejudice for the umpteenth time in my life) and buy this book for myself RIGHT NOW! This is my kind of book. Seriously Elise, I am really, really, regretting the fact that we used to be practically neighbors… and that we never hung out, because I feel like we have the same brain sometimes haha! Not to mention our husbands have the same brain sometimes… weird.

  2. Nichole, you are the best! Ted and I were talking about who we should invite to come to our house for Sunday dinner and I kept thinking-I just want Jace, Nichole, and Elliot to come over. Anyway, I’m glad you’re going to read that book!

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