Thank you Will Shortz

I am grateful for crosswords! the nyt puzzle has been my companion through many adventures. they make me feel oh so smart and cultured, especially if there’s a theme to the puzzle and i figure it out (even though i can usually only finish monday and tuesday.) they have helped me pass the time in many a boring situation-whether it be psych 111 (here’s looking at you sis) or a transcontinental flight. they help me feel connected to my family, and i will always love family breakfasts at big city or locavore in boise spent poring over a puzzle, everyone shouting out answers and trying to read upside down.

bonus: helps prevent Alzheimer’s!!!! exercise that brain!!!!


2 thoughts on “Thank you Will Shortz

  1. I love going on a road trip with dad driving, and being the crossword puzzle scribe, and how we all have something to contribute. And we’ll have to hit big city when christmas break comes!

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