once upon a star…

I am so grateful I married someone who loves Halloween as much as me (and who has real human skulls for me to decorate with)

This year we:

carved pumpkins

while we listened to this treasure of a record that my mom gave me

please notice that it says “not for the very young.” the b-side features the story of the ghosts from outer space who were so sad because they had no one to scare.

we went to a haunted house in niagara falls

I was so scared! but it wasn’t even that bad at all.

watched a lot of scary movies

went on a VERY lame ghost tour of the cemetery that didn’t even go inside. we just walked along the road next to it and the tour guide told us “scary stories” and “found ghosts with her dousing rod.”

however, the next day, I went on a run through the cemetery and there seemed to be a lot of escapees…

and dressed up in our awesome costumes that i made (still working on those sewing machine skills, ha)

My stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder.

Happy Halloweener!

(ps the title is an excerpt from the spooky sounds record. you all need to get a copy. so you can understand my references.)


5 thoughts on “once upon a star…

  1. how did I miss this post! Oh how I wish I had seen it sooner haha I love the costumes! You guys are awesome! I love fellow halloweeners!

  2. the costumes are sweet. and i’m genuinely jealous that mom gave you that record. i just had to listen to the campfire songs record while i celebrated halloween. not as scary.

  3. I love this post! You guys look so awesome in your costumes…amazing Leia hair, great dress, nice blasters! And sorry Em, but Elise will probably be jealous when she’s sitting around the campfire and doesn’t know any songs to sing…right?

  4. Well done “Your Worship”. Outer space ghosts and Star Wars costumes in one post, synchronicity. And world class pumpkin carving to boot.

  5. I may have been Han Solo for Halloween too… I forgot to take a picture though! I guess I’ll just have to dress up again, darn! A surprising number of people didn’t even notice I was in costume- it kind of makes me want to randomly dress up as Han throughout the year just to see if anyone would notice.

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