Grateful for Sundays

when I get to:

sleep in until 9 (daylight savings)

go to our awesome ward, it may be a little polarized-everyone there is either a doctor or lawyer or a med student or…homeless. there might be a few people there who are a little on the crazy side and like to lay across the church benches or make off the wall comments. but our ward really feels like a family. and what would a family be without crazy uncle milt. and today, i saw two little boys that were definitely future hipsters. they were all in their stripy shirts and vests and cords walking around sacrament meeting like they owned the place. they even got a little cardigan friend to join them. “ted,” i said “ted, don’t those little boys look just like hipsters? should i invite them to an art show at a coffee shop?” he looked skeptical and replied “i don’t know. we’ll have to ask them what kind of music they like after church.”

cook! cooking deserves it own whole post so i won’t say too much, but today was a smorgasbord of gastric delights, 5 new recipes were attempted, and much joy was had throughout the land.

read the scriptures. watch videos like this (thanks em)

go to a picnic with friends at menden ponds on one of the last nice days of the year probably. play with their hilarious dog olive (pug pekinese mix, almost got lost under all the leaves) and their adorable baby hudson. eat libby’s delicious shepherds pie and ted’s trademark muddy buddies (even olive enjoyed them, haha.) watch the sun set over the prettiest pond i have ever seen and the geese flying south for the winter.

snuggle snuggle snuggle


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