Giving Thanks


I am feeling all gratitudinal lately. Which is inspiring me to try to write every day at least one thing I am grateful for through November. And today, I wanted to talk about Reasons I Am Grateful For My Job


(If you squint really hard, you can see my view to the outside world, including the police car I called.)

1. My supervisor is really really awesome. She wrote me an email the other day just to say that I was doing a good job. She’s going to let me go home for Christmas! Today she let me eat lunch in her office instead of the deserted building/unofficial homeless shelter next door.

2. My fight or flight insticts are becoming fine tuned. When I started, about 4 guys from my office made it a point to tell me to always be facing the doors, never walk around in the area alone after 5, which police stations to run to if I am being chased, to run away if someone says to get in the car or they will shoot me, basically to watch my back. (I work in the ghetto. Have I mentioned this?)

3. The other day when I asked someone for a lunch reccomendation, they told me the only close restuarant is this place called red front. Which is a liquor store. So…I am grateful that I will not be tempted to spend tons of money on buying lunch every day.

4. I work with a lot of refugees which is totally educational, frustrating, heartbreaking, and awesome all at the same time. It has really increased my sense of how much need there is all around and made me want to do anything I can to help. (also, I have noticed that in lots of other cultures, things that would be considered rude here..aren’t. When people can’t remember the name of the person they want to meet, they often ask for “that girl, she’s really really fat.”)

5. One of the aforementioned refugees is this guy from Cuba. Every time I tell him something he doesn’t want to hear, he says “Wow” in this super funny accent. It seriously makes my day every time.

6. Drama level of my life has become much more exciting. I called the police the other day and they came and arrested this guy who came into my office on stalking/threatening violence charges. And it all went down right when all the fancy board members were arriving for a meeting.

7. I can blog. During my job.Or work on homework/applying for other jobs. The receptionist who was here before me showed me the online jigsaw puzzles she did all day long. I haven’t quite stooped to that level yet but between all the crazy, there is a lot of down time.

8. The place where I work is affiliated with the catholic church, so this one day a man called in to let me know all of his complaints with the church, even after I told him repeatedly that we were a non-profit organization that helps refugees and mental health patients. I think he just wanted someone to listen to him. I seriously considered referring him to the missionaries haha.

9. I get to practice my spanish, and people are always really nice after I try speaking to them in their own language.

10. The receptionist in mental health who always wears a fur coat comes by every morning and gives me a hug.

***Wow, I was only going to do ten. Turns out there’s more to be grateful about than I thought.***

11. I am grateful that I don’t have to work at the office across the street (handing out checks to criminals) where they have to sit behind bullet proof glass and have security training.

12. Every Monday and Friday, my boss brings in huge amounts of day old pastries from starbucks. I don’t even know who they are for, but he always says I can eat as much as I want.

13. The stupid, cardboard like non-perforated toilet paper here makes me really appreciate the normal cheap tp we have at home.

14.  Really nice, patient co-workers who help me when I can’t figure something out. 8-5 monday through friday. Never having to work on weekends or holidays. Eh, the paychecks don’t hurt either.

15. I always have good stories to tell my husband when I go home.

Happy November to all and to all a good night!


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