Current Faves

1. Favorite article of clothing

I love my fireman red thermal pants. They are the perfect article of clothing, other than the fact that they are not suitable for wearing out of the house (not that this stops me) Having a cup of tea in my hand doesn’t hurt the cozy vibe either.

2.Favorite Breakfast

Huevos Rancheros a la Smitten Kitchen. I used to be afraid of eggs cooked any way other than scrambled. Now I want to eat these every morning. Super easy too, just heat a tiny bit of olive oil in a pan, throw in a corn tortilla, when it’s sizzling add grated cheddar cheese, then crack an egg on top. Flip the whole thing over when the egg that dribbles off to the side turns white. Cook them as long as you feel like…I’m pretty squeamish still so I wait for them to be pretty cooked. And the very best part…chop up some tomatoes and onions very small, flavor with lime and hot sauce. Mmmmmm….

3. New Band

I may have already mentioned my proclivity towards bands with male and female singers. Something abut the combination of voices just gets to me. And I’m totally digging rocking out to this Icelandic band while I drive around.

4. Thing to watch


The only descriptor of this show on Netflix is “heartfelt.” It is so so sincere. Right when I think they’re making a joke, I find out that they were actually being dead serious. But for some reason, I just love it. It helps when I miss college, which is usually, and features nerdy Jennifer Garner cameos, and there are some serious love triangles and New York City and 90’s style and “following your dreams.”


Marisa De Los Santos

What first drew me in to the book Love Walked In were the old movie references, especially references to Philadelphia Story, my favorite movie of all time. But what makes me really love this author are her amazing characters. Just finished her newest book, falling together.

I’ve also been loving Geraldine Brooks and Kaye Gibbons.


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