Two Things About Jobs

1. After months of searching…I finally found one. It’s through a temp agency, so it’s not permanent, but it still feels good to have something “important” to do with my days. Not to mention a way to pay for our extravagant (ha) lifestyle.

Ted always wants to know what I do with my days when he gets home. You see, he is all about calendars and scheduling. Which honestly makes him way more productive than your average person, but I have never really been that way.  So it’s a little hard to defend my days. Days when I drop him off at school and then come home and read my scriptures in bed and fall asleep again for an hour or so. Days spent making curtains or Halloween costumes and reading books and going on runs and experimenting with homemade bread.

And I honestly do miss the schedule and productivity of a normal work day. It will be so good to go back to having a full-time job and having some income. What I’ve found though, is that when I have a job, I wish that I had more free time and when I don’t I usually end up wasting the time that I have. I made up my mind to not feel like I am squandering this period of unemployment and appreciate the small things that make my everyday life great, if not important. And so as I go back to work, I do so with mixed emotions, a part of me longing for the peaceful days when I make my own schedule. (Although I will never, not once, miss applying for zillions of jobs that don’t want me)

2. I know I’m a little late in saying this, but RIP Steve. He was such an inspiring man and a great example of how hard work can overcome obstacles. I know our lives would be very different without his contributions (I say as I type this on my macbook and check texts on my iPhone, and watch stuff on our mac mini.)

(Oh and by the way, my job is as a receptionist at a non-profit company called catholic family center. way cool organization.)


3 thoughts on “Two Things About Jobs

  1. Congrats! And I think Ted and Jace are the same person haha. I love how you have to “defend” your days haha. I know exactly what you mean haha!

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