Mr. and Mrs. Long

We made a pilgrimage back to the motherland for to see the husband’s sister Maggie get hitched last weekend. It was a beautiful wedding and so much fun to see everyone and to be back there for a while. Isn’t her dress just amazing?

My family came from Boise to see us. It was too quick of a trip, but still so great. Even worth all the circadian rhythm time zone confusion. And we got to go down to Provo. And I came to the conclusion that I will never not miss that place. Seeing all the students starting a new school year and walking around on campus and smelling the smell of the library (nothing like it in the world).

It was also fun for Ted and I to relive the events of almost exactly 6 months before. It’s crazy that we have already been married for half a year, and at the same time, it seems weird to think that we ever weren’t married.

It was even unseasonably bad weather just like our wedding. Which is definitely good luck by the way.

Happy 6 months Ted.

xoxo, Elise


One thought on “Mr. and Mrs. Long

  1. Wow I just got feeling really nostalgic and homesick and happy for you guys. How fun though to go home for a bit!

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