Parental Visit

So last week this really awesome thing happened…my parents made the trek out to see us in Rochester! It was so great to have a little bit of home, the wonderful people who raised me, my best examples forever out here for a little while. I am so grateful to them for making time to come-my dad is all out of vacation days from all the awesome trips we/they did this summer, so he had to come Friday night and leave early Monday morning but it was still so wonderful to have them both here at least for a little while. And my mom gave up a whole week to be here! And slept on our blow up bed in the front room the whole time. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

While my dad was here, we did some more touristy stuff around Rochester (at least as touristy as things get here), went to Palmyra for the temple and sacred grove etc…, hit up the amazing public market, and went on a canal boat ride with the Jensens.

We scored big time at the market…huge thing of peaches for three bucks, the best cheddar cheese I have ever had with some hearty crusty bread.

Riding the Erie Canal is kind of a quintessential upstate NY thing to do. It was really fun, they give you dinner (which, I heard was better from another boat company. Ours tasted like the vegetable had been soaking with a moldy sponge a little, but to their credit vegetables weren’t really their thing and apparently the meat was good.) and take you through a lock and it’s really beautiful to see the sun set and we reminisced lots and it was great. And Ted thought it was like the booze cruise from the office.

Same people, different decade. Can you match up who’s who? My parents’ friends in law school are our current stake president/in our ward in Rochester, isn’t that crazy?

My parents wanted to see the campus and such so we went a-walking Sunday afternoon.

We got to see some cool diseased body parts in jars from the 50’s (so sorry we have no pictures. I’m sure everyone is dying to see them) and Ted in his element studying histology. Ted looooves histology. j/k

And then my dad had to head home and it was on to the woodworking and home improvement extravaganza 2011.

…to be continued…


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