Happy Belated Birthday and Stuff!

It has now been a little more than a week since Ted’s bday. But I just wanted to say happy birthday to the love of my life. (don’t worry, I told him in real life on his actual birthday too)

For his birthday, (which was on labor day which means no school, happy birthday from Rochester school of medicine!) we went on a hike to taughanock falls and then to Ithaca to see what there was to see. And let me just tell you, Ithaca is gorges.

…Ha I bet you all thought I made a typo there. Joke’s on you though because that is like the unofficial motto of Ithaca or something, they have it written on sweatshirts, store windows, bumper stickers. They say that because it is, of course, gorgeous, and also full of gorges where water falls down from the city to Cayuga lake below. It was a beautiful, but rainy day so we didn’t walk around there for too long, and we still ended up getting back late in the day and entirely exhausted. I wanted to make a cake, but didn’t get started on it until after we got back, so it wasn’t ready to eat until midnight haha. Best midnight snack ever? Only because we were also watching Lake Placid at the time.


That same weekend, we went to the state fair in Syracuse. It was greasy and garish and sweaty and EXPENSIVE, aka everything a fair should be in a nutshell. We spent almost ten dollars (ten dollars?!) to buy tickets for a haunted house ride that makes the Terroride at Lagoon look like an elaborate masterpiece of fear. Then we ran out of cash and the ATM wouldn’t work so we only ate a $1 baked potato bar and 25 cent milk the whole time we were there. We were a little sad to leave the fair without eating anything deep fried ( I think the most unexpected thing I saw there was deep fried mashed potatoes or maybe the hot beef sundae or maybe it was the deep fried alligator. Too many to choose from really.) but we were actually a little bit relieved when we left and didn’t feel like we weighed 400 lbs.

My favorite part though, I think was the livestock and agriculture.


Neon chickens, butter sculpture, huge rabbits, deformed corn, baby pigs stepping on their mama’s head…doesn’t get much better than that.



2 thoughts on “Happy Belated Birthday and Stuff!

  1. We went to the state fair here and they had the world’s smallest woman too! Who knew she could be in Utah AND New York at the same time!?

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