This…is NPR

Adding just one more to the list of things that my dad was right on about that I just didn’t get when I was younger (stinky cheese, Bruce Springsteen/Van Morrison, tennis)…NPR. He played it constantly (still does actually) and I hated it, but now I rarely go for a run without a podcast ready to go on my iPod. Current faves are This American Life and Radiolab. Here are the hosts of the two shows…don’t you think that it’s surprising to see a picture of someone after only hearing their voice for so long?


5 thoughts on “This…is NPR

  1. I love NPR too! I had no idea you listened to it, too. It keeps my brain going now that I’m out of college. I like the Diane Rehm Show and On Point. I should look up what they look like now, too…

  2. I remember once when I was calling in to NPR during a fund drive and I told the volunteer that our teenage daughter had told me “don’t tell Dad, but I really like NPR” haha.

  3. You seriously make me laugh so hard. I used to listen to a radio show in Provo (not as cool as NPR) but, when I finally got the nerve the look them up, it totally changed the way I felt about them haha. It was like getting lined-up on a blind date and being way excited, and then when you finally meet them in person it’s a total let-down haha. I stopped listening… Maybe that’s shallow, but he turned out to be a total dork in real life… from the looks of it haha!

  4. Hi, I don’t know you, but I used to be in your parents’ ward (after you moved away) and your mom sent me a link. I just have to say: WOAH! I guess Ira Glass fits pretty well with his image, it’s just strange to see him! I’d never imagined him before. I’ve only recently started listening to Radiolab, so I’m not as thrown off by those two guys. But if you want a big shocker, look up Kai Risdahl (do you listen to Marketplace?). That revelation left me reeling for days.
    Anyways. I like your waterfall and cake photos. Keep up the good work.

  5. Let’s not forget Talk of the Nation (especially Science Friday), Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me…, To The Best of our Knowledge and Car Talk! 🙂

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