But this day by the lake went too fast…

You know how when you get back from a long trip and someone asks you how it was and all you can say is, it was good, because how can you describe to someone that wasn’t there how scary it was when you got lost in a big city in the middle of the night and how wonderful it was when you spoke a foreign language and someone actually understood you and when you, with much trepidation, tried some new food and it turned out to be your favorite thing ever. And see, even now, I’m trying to describe it and failing miserably. But I’m surely sure that you all know that feeling.

And so I’m afraid if I don’t write things down, they will just disappear into the category in my mind labeled “inconsequential things that used to be important but now just blur together with everything else that happened.” All this to say….here is a weekend update for y’all but mostly for me.

Friday we went out to dinner with a bunch of med school students. Those med students, they are not as weird as one might think. We went to a restaurant called pho duong dong (I kid you not) in the very most dangerous part of rochester. I was talking to this girl right when we moved in and she said, “whatever you do, don’t go to lyell st. People get murdered there weekly.”  So obviously, that was a challenge that could not be ignored by us rysers. Also, the other med students picked where we were going to eat so we had no choice in the matter. It was delicious and cheap and fun to meet some more people from Ted’s class.

Saturday…we done gone to a finger lake! The beautiful glorious finger lakes were one of the things that I was most excited to have in the area when we moved. They are called finger lakes because they look like someone put their hand down on the land and made an imprint of each finger and filled it with water. One of Ted’s classmates has a cottage up at Lake Canandaigua and she invited us to come up for the day.

We learned how to play backgammon. And oh man can I tell you, that is a fun game. I had always seen it but thought it was one of those weird old boring games like bridge or Parcheesi but we played it probably at least seven times that day. That is how fun it is. Who knows, maybe Parcheesi is a laugh riot?

He’s awfully handsome but don’t you think so?

Don’t be fooled by how pretty this lake is and step on the bottom because those mean old zebra mussels WILL cut you up. The real puppy (get it? because ted thinks he’s a puppy jumping in after that Frisbee like that) captaining our fair vessel out to sea.

Some of the people that came with us biked out instead of driving and now that is my aspiration for sometime during the next four years. Only 35 miles, I can work up to that!

But for now it’s back to the life of an unemployed college grad. Unemployment is, in my humble opinion, the pits. All the searching and the fruitless efforts and the rejection. Oh the rejection. The job counselor I talked to suggested that I ask everyone I know if they know of any jobs so here I am asking you. If you hear of any jobs in the 585, send them my way.

gracias and con mucho amor,



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