A day in the life

So picture this….wake up to the smell of pancakes gently wafting through the apartment (and, ok, there were a couple clangs and bangs and “ow where did that pot come from”-s too)(We really need to figure out a better organizational system for the kitchen). Eat aforementioned pancakes in bed with your husband and open his (giftcard to H&M!) present. Wait until he leaves and fall back to sleep for half an hour. A girl should not have to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn on her birthday after all.

Now go on a run through the beautiful highland park before it gets too hot out. If you want to have a race with the girl running the same way across the street from you, go right ahead. Even if she doesn’t know it’s a race, it’s so on.

Head to the Eastview mall. Find some great things at that wonderful store of H&M. Then spend all together too much time at the mall for a girl who doesn’t have money to burn and remember how going shopping awakes the beast within who needs that orange sweater from j. crew and that dress from anthro. Decide to not go to the mall again unless accompanied by a responsible adult. (Or an adult who is willing to be responsible for actions committed therein. Wink wink mom. jk. double jk. are you confused yet? good).

Come home in a hurry to skype with the fam! (Only get lost twice on the way. See, making progress!) Show them around your apartment. How cool is it that I can do that. The marvels of modern technology I tell ya. Put up with christian sticking his nose right in front of the camera the whole time he’s there cause you love him so darn much. Talk to mom and will until you and her start talking about how handsome he’s getting and it’s much too much for him to be expected to take. Talk to your mama about everything. And say hey to your dad when he sticks his head in after his conference call.

Get your Warby Parker trial glasses in the mail. If this was one of those blogs that had a couple thousand followers I would have a poll to decide which ones I should keep. But alas. I’ll post some pics anyway and feel free to give any and all advice

Go out for Indian with your darling husband. Decide to order the vegetarian sampler platter. Try not to be too overwhelmed when it comes and is as big as a your head with two curries AND dal AND every imaginable side.

Waddle to the car. Drive home and rest for a second but not too long because now it’s time for cake. Cake? Really? Do I have to? Drive over to Mark and Libby’s house where Trevor and Shadow and baby Elle are waiting and love how it feels like fall outside. While away the evening talking and laughing with friends and somehow being genuinely hungry for the beautiful angel food cake trifle that Libby made.

Go home and open up the last of the presents and cards from the wonderful Rysers. Crawl into bed all tuckered out…

So ends my first birthday being married, and also I think it was my first birthday ever not being with my family. Lots of growing up to do. Here’s to being 24. To finding a job and getting into nursing school and being brave and learning and getting better and stronger every day.

xo, Elise


4 thoughts on “A day in the life

  1. the third picture is the best for sure, but is it the glasses or the smile that look so cute?? I’m so happy you have a wonderful man and good friends to take care of you on your birthday!

  2. and a real good listener and honest and brave and handsome and beautiful. to add to the list at the end. miss you and i am so happy that you had a wonderful bday.

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