second floor living without a yard

Ok, I keep putting this post off for some reason but I am really excited to write about our new home in rochester, ny.

(moving in with some mustachios.)

So-our new apartment. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was that it smells all nice and new unlike our last apartment which gave us a big whiff of old man every time we walked in, especially after we had been gone for a few days. Which is funny because our current building is quite old and I’m pretty sure that they allow people to smoke here and other parts of our building have very unpleasant odors.

We got here with only what we could stuff into our 6X7X8 trailer and I thought we were pretty much covered…

…oh except for a bed

…and a couch and a dresser and any type of table or seating and a garbage can and a tv stand (kinda makes me gag that I’m listing this with other necessities-first world problems much?) and no rugs of any sort to cover our entirely wood floor which will make for extremely cold feet come winter.


But we DID have framed pictures and tools and so I proceeded to hammer the dickens out of my thumb whilst hanging them up.

Also, we needed a desk for my tedstudent to do all his studying at. And heaven smiled upon us and we found a beauty at the dumpster. People are always leaving their unwanted furniture at the dumpster and mostly it’s crap but once we wiped the desk down good (really good. I do want a pet but I just don’t think bedbugs will cut it.) it was a perfect (and free) addition to our home.

And also we bought a big old white dresser from a consignment store and I am inordinately excited to fix it up.

When we first moved into Rochester, I made the mistake of looking at crime statistics for here compared to Boise and Provo. 49 murders a year! The national average is 7. (I actually got sort of obsessed with looking up crime statistics for cities in the US after that and now I can tell you all the most dangerous cities off the top of my head. Rochester is number 60 something which really isn’t all that bad unless you compare it with Boise at 360 something)

This is not good for my fears of the achilles killers. Have you heard of this? These people hide under your car, then cut your achilles tendon while you are getting in so you can’t run away and then murder you. I apologize if this information makes you, like me, want to start carrying around a mirror at all times so you can check under your car for killers. I mean doesn’t that just seem like the most reasonable solution?

But really I have felt pretty safe since getting here. There is a beautiful huge park right in our back yard basically and I went on a jog through it and was a little jumpy but pretty much the scariest thing I saw was a rabbit hopping across my path. Our apartment is locked by an outside door and then two locks to get into the actual apartment. You know how movies about big cities show people buzzing their guests in…guess who can do that now?!

Every day in Rochester I find something new and cool to get excited about or explore more. Like on our first day here we went to a restaurant called Magnolias for dinner on suggestion of some third year med students we know and stumbled upon a street arts and crafts fair that was getting set up for the next day. Have I mentioned that I love love love any kind of street fair/market type thing? I love the stands and the food and the crazy people watching and street performers and the all around festive atmosphere. (Ted makes fun of me because I always want something to be either festive or cozy or both. I really do though. I think I use the word cozy more than anyone.)

So at the street fair we found…

delicious, by the way.


Drum circle!

xo, Elise


One thought on “second floor living without a yard

  1. I love this entry. You are a great writer, and since it sounds almost like how you talk, with truth and a sense of humor, it makes me feel like you are talking to me, which is really fun. I can’t wait to see this town of yours. Your photos are wonderfully descriptive… love you guys!

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