Tedical School

(such a good sport to let me take a photo in front of the hospital. My future kids are in for it…)

This morning I dropped my husband off at medical school. We were rushing around grabbing yogurts and keys and all of a sudden I realized: this is it. The end of 24/7 Elise and Ted together time. The end of us always doing the same thing at the same time. The end of financial solvency…

It is crazy to think that Ted is going to be in med school for at least the next 6 years and then after that he’ll be a doctor and whenever I tell people that I am married to a future doctor they get this pitying look on their face and basically tell me to get used to being a widow. It really does scare me sometimes how independent I will have to be. It takes a lot of faith, you know, that things will work out. That we will be able to make things work out.

So I feel really lucky that I have a husband and a marriage that I can put all my trust and love into. I married such a patient man, you guys. He puts up with me even when I am completely irrational like when we stopped in Madison and we couldn’t find food and were just wandering around the hot sweaty town and I was inwardly freaking out about leaving everything I knew behind so I broke down in tears and said I wanted to go home and he just waited it out and made me smile again and told me all he wanted was to make me happy. (whew longest sentence ever)

And honestly I could go on and on about everything good about ted that is going to help us get through all that is ahead but I don’t want to bore you so here as I learned in my English 316 class is an eye catching list to make up for all of these cumbersome paragraphs:

Top 5 best things about Ted starting Med School

5. The outfits. Ted got fitted today for this super attractive pointy mask, eventually i will give you a visual to go with that ominous description (RIP The Beard though). But also he gets a white coat at a big fancy ceremony and a stethoscope and who knows what else.

4. All the super cool people we get to meet. seriously yesterday I met about 5 people at least who i feel could’ve been my best friends from birth. And everyone here is so unique and has done so many interesting things, it is way inspiring. Also, couple friends!

3. There is a much more interesting answer to the question-so, how was your day-now than there was when we were constantly together. Because now we’re having our own adventures.

2. Along the same lines, I save up all my jokes throughout the day and then I’m extra funny for ted when he gets home. Lucky lucky him.

1. The number one best thing about Ted being a med student now…I can live vicariously through him as he dissects cadavers and discusses important medical issues and learns the correct circumstance to use the word stat and so forth.

As proud as a girl can be, Elise


One thought on “Tedical School

  1. of course you were freaking out about finding food. but all joking aside, i love this. i am so happy that you are happy and a wonderful wife and that you are jumping into this daunting adventure with all you’ve got.

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