The I-90 chronicles part III: The saga continues-Indiana/Ohio


 The bad news is that we never made it to Pawnee.  I didn’t even know that it was fictional until we started going through Indiana and I tried to look it up on the map. Darn it Ron Swanson, I was so excited to meet you.

The good news about Indiana is that although the campground by the dunes was full, and we had to keep going to South Bend, we got to see Notre Dame campus which was actually really beautiful. We had some tentative plans for the trip but it seems like none of them worked out while lots of cool unexpected things did. We got up early (Provo time) in the morning and went for a run around campus. Unfortunately we had just eaten the greasy continental breakfast so it was more of a walk/jog. We loved seeing all the cool cathedrals and old buildings and trees on campus.

Oh hey, don't mind my crazy pirate face.


Stopped in the Cleve for the night on Thursday to see Jace and Nichole and Elliott. They live in a really cute house in a pretty sketchy area.

They said the main street close to their house used to be owned by lots of rich people who moved and left vacant mansions all over the place to be overrun by who knows what. They took us on a tour of the med school hospital area and a cool Little Italy neighborhood where we went to dinner.

The best part was just hanging out and talking with people we knew after going so long without seeing anyone familiar. Oh and playing with their seriously cute little guy. It feels so good to have friends only four hours away.


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