The I-90 chronicles part II: Minnesota? Wisconsin? Illinois? Indiana?

Stuck in traffic outside of chicago seems like a pretty great time to blog, wouldn’t you agree? (It’s pretty awesome that Ted figured out a way that we can have Internet in the car pretty much whenever we want.) We totally dropped the ball picture-wise these past few days. So forgive me for the mostly wordy post.

The other Rochester and other tales of the land of a thousand lakes

Sometime yesterday we crossed the border into Minnesota. We stopped in a town called Jackson for dinner (we’ve been doing the one meal a day diet on the trip) and I got some pizza with spicy chili sauce all over it. Quite the taste sensation! Then it was on to Austin, Minnesota for our (slightly) nicer place of lodging for the night. On our way, we passed Rochester, MN…a little preview of sorts. Something interesting about Austin, Minnesota is that it is the SPAM capital of the world. That is interesting because…well actually it’s not very interesting. But they sure are proud of it. We unfortunately didn’t get to try any of the famous mystery food. Darn! Better go back some day.

The land of cheesy goodness

Wisconsin was pretty groovy. It was exciting to cross over the Mississippi River and it was really pretty and green after we crossed. We drove to Madison and walked around on state street from the Capitol to the university. Such a cool area. Lots of cultures coming together and restaurants and our fave-used bookstores.

We went to a Himalayan restaurant for lunch after wandering around for a while and Ted got the spiciest chicken ever! Pretty disappointing although my food was delicious. They served everything with dal and homemade roti.

Come on feel the Illinoise: the land of Lincoln

Next: drove to Chicago. We are just coming up on the city right now and it is a pretty breathtaking skyline. Due to some unforeseen circumstances involving us not wanting to spend the night with the street people of Chicago in some park, we didn’t get to stop. Verdict: Chicago=still on the bucket list.

Next we’ll be on our way either to camp at some sand dunes or to south bend (sounds like dancing.) Here’s hoping we can find a good place to rest our heads. The Music Man totally misled me about Gary, Indiana. That place is scary!

Oh and also, what’s with all the toll booths people. I think we spent ten bucks today on that alone.

Xo, Elise

P.S. Lots of points to anyone who can get all my references.


3 thoughts on “The I-90 chronicles part II: Minnesota? Wisconsin? Illinois? Indiana?

  1. haha i was thinking about all of the references before you said that at the end of your post. so here goes: sufjan, that thing you do, philadelphia story, and the apparent music man reference.
    i love reading about the adventures.

    1. also, I remember that toll road thing…not fair on a student budget!
      and thank you, thank you for this writing you’re doing. I caught Will following along too. it’s great!

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