The I-90 chronicles part I: the wyoming/south dakota edition


Turns out Wyoming was pretty much what we expected. Boring! But we did see a pretty cool DOUBLE rainbow. I’m putting these pictures in here too because Wyoming was so boring we didn’t really get any other good pictures. On Thursday, we packed most of our earthly belongings into this 6’x7’x8′ little box. Oh but I was so skeptical.

Shout out to Katy, Schmemily, Austin, Clarky and MSP none of whom we could’ve done it without.

Also there is a way cool town on the edge of Wyoming and SD that totally surprised us. name of Newcastle. If I had to live in Wyoming, that is probably where I would pick.

Ok are we ready for South Dakota yet?

South Dakota

It was really pretty! We finally felt like the national forest title was not a complete lie. We drove at first through winding hilly roads until we got to Custer City. Custer City looked way campy and hilarious and festive and we secretly really wanted to stay there. Por ejemplo: They had a Flinstone’s RV park.

But we were off to Mt. RushmoreWe got there at the perfect time because we got to see the dudes in the daylight and then watch as they got lit up after dark. And about an hour there was really all we would’ve wanted. Can you believe you can get to Mt. Rushmore from Utah in a day?

We were starving after that because we hadn’t eaten all day, so we headed to a little diner in Keystone which is right outside of the monument and they actually had a black bean burger there which was pretty delicious.

By that time, which was about 11 pm, we still didn’t know where we were going to sleep. We’re too cheap to stay in one of the motels close to the Mount and had missed all the check-in times at the campsites. Ted started making calls and we found a veeeery cheap motel in “Wasta” South Dakota.On our way there, there was crazy lightning flashing constantly in the sky.

While talking to the desk clerk, we asked him about the wifi. He said he wasn’t sure if it would work in our room and we were confused until he told us that our room was about a half mile away down a dirt road. It was “rustic” and “charming” aka I was pretty sure that we were going to get murdered and or eaten alive by rats.

(I thought the ducks were an especially nice touch)

And then because we are bad to the bone, we went to the b b b badlands. We went on a pretty cool hike where we got to climb a wooden ladder and found lots of frogs. We definitely needed a hike after a 12 + hour day of driving yesterday and another today.

haha sturdy boots

Then we got to feed some prairie dogs! Probably my favorite part of the whole trip to the Badlands.



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