A provo post

For about a year now I’ve been getting intermittently, prematurely nostalgic for Provo. I would just be walking around campus or driving on Center St. or biking by the river and get hit with a wave of sadness that someday I wouldn’t be here anymore.

And really, I don’t know why. It’s not like Provo is that awesome of a city. I was actually really reluctant to come in the first place. I loved coming to visit my cousins in Orem growing up but I would always come home and tell my parents that I would never live in Utah when I grew up. Because it seems like everyone gets sucked into living there eventually.

But somewhere along the way, I really truly started to love it. There’s just something kinda comforting about the non-coolness of Provo. I started out there as a little 17 year old and I became who I am today. I met countless wonderful friends (including my husband! hello!) and learned some stuff and had lots of crazy roommates and adventures. Also, every once in a while, walking around on campus would make me feel like I was in Hogwarts.

And then there’s something about knowing a town really well. About starting to explore it tentatively first on foot (I honestly left campus all of about 10 times my freshman year) and being really pretty lost and then all of a sudden you know where all the best places to go for food are (Communal, Guru’s, Slab Pizza, the shaved ice shack by Helaman) and things to do and weird things to show people who come from out of town. And knowing how to get almost all the way across campus without going outside in the winter. Man was I proud when I figured that out.

It’ll be sad this year not to be at BYU in the Fall. I always love that first day on campus when you can barely move for the hordes of students rushing to the Benson, the JFSB, and the Widtsoe. Walking through the bookstore and buying school supplies even if you don’t need them just because of another, older nostalgia for starting school as a child.  How everything feels so full of new beginnings and possibilities.

But, But….

I hear New York in the Fall is pretty awesome. Like it knocks Utah’s Falls out of the park. And what says new possibilities better than moving to a completely new place? This is totally the adventure that Ted and I need right now and we are so excited to start out together in Rochester. There will always be a special place in my heart for Provo, but there’s definitely room in there for a new city too.

Pssst This guy says it better than I ever could



One thought on “A provo post

  1. bee money! i saw him at smith’s yesterday. buzz it out for the beehive state. i agree about the provo feelings. it’s lame one day, but then one day you look out the window and the mountains are rightthere and the weather is great and you think, i do not mind this at all. i miss you guys already and i wish you would be in provo too.

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