For your reading pleasure…

20110726-041023.jpgIn one week, we will be arriving in our new home for the next 4 years! I am surprisingly sad to leave this silly town Provo…but more about that later. Packing is taking over my life right now but just wanted to share a few links with you all of things that I have enjoyed reading lately

Love nat the fat rat and all she writes, this post is so great and made me all emotional

Girls who read are the best!

Ted keeps going back and forth between not having a beard and growing it out…I love it when he lets it grow! Here is an article about what having a beard does for your identity.

The Sartorialist! My parents showed me this way cool street style blog. They are so fashion forward:) I love how he photographs stylish people riding bikes. And I love this outfit

That’s all for now-

xo, Elise

p.s. the other day we were driving on the freeway during that crazy rainstorm and all of a sudden there was a porta potty in the road right in front of us.

And I wasn’t able to get my camera out in time to photograph it. I am so mad! But trust me, it was crazy


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