O’er the laand of the freeeee….

(Ok, how great was that movie…)

So for the fourth we went with my family to McCall, Idaho.

We lit fireworks,

And rode horses

Wakeboarded. The water was So. Cold. One of our friends told us it was high 50’s when we got there and probably just got to 60 degrees by the time we left.

Dad and I showing the tube who was boss

and tubed.

Watched some fireworks from the boat. There was this crazy lady who lived by the beach and called a rent a cop on us for lighting little fountains. She hates fireworks. And people. And everything. But we lit them to our heart’s content anyway (even some illegal ones. But the cop okayed them so her evil plan backfired.)

And lit more at home

Cooper was not pleased.

I sure do love my fam. And McCall was everything we could’ve hoped for…enough to make us stay two extra days! As always we went on great hikes/walks, played sardines, ate good food, and had great talks with my mama. Sad that it was the last time we would be there for a while. See you at Christmas, cabin.


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