I Solemnly Swear I am Up To No Good

So, you would think that some of the stuff I’ve done recently such as graduating from college, deciding to move to new york and oh i don’t know getting MARRIED would make me feel like i was finally grown up, but no. Strangely the one thing that is making me feel like my childhood is over is the fact that the last Harry Potter movie is coming out in t-minus 10 hours from now!

I can still remember reading the first one in a tent in my friend’s backyard during a sleepover. It was my friend Margaret’s but she went to bed at like 9 so you better believe I stayed up all night reading the book. At that time, only the first and second books were out and so every book from the third on I have memorized the day of the release and fought with my family over who got to read it first, because of course we would only buy one copy. If you were reading it and happened to put it down for a second, it was pretty much a sure bet that someone else would be reading it when you came back, and you had to wait for a similar opportunity to snatch it back. We Scoggins were ruthless when it came to our Harry.

And even in college, I had many a discussion around the dinner table with my roommates, predicting what would happen next and talking about how much we wanted to go to Hogwarts. Going to Harry Potter land with my in-laws was nothing short of a dream come true. And sister and I love taking Harry Potter quizzes on sporcle (believe me, you should try it. just not if you are studying for a test or anything because they are addicting.)

The Half Blood Prince pre-movie party. Like my Trelawney costume?

Basically what I’m telling you is that i am a huge nerd. But that’s okay because I’m pretty sure about half my generation are openly nerdy when it comes to Harry Potter. And now, everything Potter is sadly coming to an end. I am so excited for the movie tonight and guarantee you there will be tears at some point throughout the evening. And then that’ll be it…no more childhood for this girl.

But hey, I always got the movies on DVD to fall back on. And someday I will introduce my children to Harry, Ron, Hermione and Dumbledore (can’t wait!) and they will begin their journey to Hogwarts, Hogsmead and all the rest. And this will be in times square until September…think I can convince Ted to do a trip down to the big apple before then?

In Conclusion, I leave you with this

Yes Sirreebob that is Neville Longbottom! Who would’ve thought he would turn out to be the sexiest wizard alive?

xoxo, The girl who lived


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