Thoughts on Life

I keep wanting to write something but i feel like my first post has to be momentous. For such an uneventful time of my life, I weirdly feel like I have too much to write about, but nothing of real importance. For example

…I could talk about our wedding. How it was such a wonderful day and how everything went beautifully (as originally and beautifully planned…points if you can name that quote) and the things that didn’t go right like the groomsmen wearing the wrong colors and the Polaroid cameras not working totally didn’t matter at all and how some things surprised me by being way better than I anticipated like getting to slow dance with my new husbs and so many of our amazing friends to this awesome band. And how it was absolutely perfect when the power went out at 930 and beautiful snowy (yeah that’s right, it was a blizzard for our April 8th wedding) Sundance was left dark with only the flickering light of candles to give us enough light to make an exit through our favorite people waving sparklers around us and we could finally just be together…

…or I could talk about our honeymoon. How we stayed in three veeerry different hotels during the course of it including the St. Regis Deer Valley, the Days Inn Provo, and the Imperial Maya in Mexico. I guess only Mexico was our real honeymoon but during the course of one week, we were able to go skiing and beach hopping, mingle with the classiest of the classy in Park City (I swear everyone had a European accent there) and the Days Inn crowd, eat freezer dinners from our wedding gift microwave and have access to 24 hour free room service/full buffet/fancy restaurants. Quite a lot of contrasts going on in that there week. And we really liked it all. But oh, the beach.

…I could talk about all the trips we have been able to take this summer because of both of our barely employed statuses. How I have three jobs and usually end up working only 20 hours a week if I’m lucky. And Ted, Mr. Productive himself, is even less. So instead we go to Jackson’s Hole and raft the crazy raging Snake and head to Mccall with Ted’s sisterand her fiance to hike around and hit up the hot springs or go camping up Rock Canyon in the middle of the week ( on a very ill-fated trip in which we got worn out, scraped up and ended up leaving at three in the AM on account of the wind was blowing our tent over.)

…I guess what I really want to talk about and what I will probably end up blabbing about most on here is the minutiae. The yummy cilantro lime rice I made tonight and the funny things ted says and the books we are reading and how much we both love the human spectacle we witness when we hit up seven peaks or trafalga with our season passes. Like the other day when we saw a 12-13 year old kid battling with his mom to get back in the pool all the while blood gushing out of his nose. Or when Ted was taking my picture by the barn from Rocky IV and he told me to step just a little to the left and then I stepped right into a gopher hole up to my knee and like four groups of tourists witnessed the whole thing and what can you do but laugh.

So actually not very momentous, turns out. Will anyone but me make it through this whole post? I guess I’ll just send it out into the void anyway. So goodnight dear void

XO, Elise


One thought on “Thoughts on Life

  1. oh my goodness i love you so much. i can’t believe it took you this long to tell me you had a blog, but i love it a lot. especially the you’ve got mail quote. brinkley!

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