I Get The News I Need In The Weather Report

Posted on February 26, 2015

I have gotten a little bit obsessive about checking the weather lately. IMG_0990

I feel guilty every time I drag Julian out into the subzero temperatures. It is crazy cold and from the weather forecast it’s not getting warmer anytime soon. But since our weather is kind of discouraging, I like to check what it’s like in a few other places. One day I was trying to check the weather in Boise and I typed wrong, and so…

IMG_0992 IMG_0991

…Now every time I check the weather, I get to see how things are in Boisar, India. The weather is never something normal. Its always something like smoke or haze or mist.


Here’s the weather from the other day in one of the places where we might end up after medical school. Last night we officially submitted our lists of the fifteen preliminary programs for next year and the twelve places we could potentially end up in 2016 for dermatology.

Dream Come True

Posted on February 15, 2015

This morning I woke up to feed Julian at 530 and saw that I had an email that church was cancelled today. It was weird to have a whole Sunday without church but cozy and pretty exciting – I have never had a snow day from church before. But that part isn’t the dream come true part. This is… Iceland-Tourist-Map via We’re going to Iceland!!!!!!! I can’t remember exactly when I first started wanting to go to Iceland, but it has been at least a few years since I read about somebody’s trip around the island and became fascinated with seeing the cliffs, volcanoes, wildlife, waterfalls, and especially hot springs for myself. I got really lucky, and after Ted’s cousin went there last year and shared lots of amazing pictures, Ted wanted to go too. We have a break between Ted finishing school and graduation, so we decided to go for it. So we are in the middle of lots of planning right now, working on figuring out how to make such an adventurous trip work with a 15 month old. It might not be exactly like I had imagined all those years ago, but looking at hostels and routes is making me so excited to be there with my little family. This video is making me feel like I can’t even believe this is my real life. https://vimeo.com/76808146


Posted on February 6, 2015

The other night, Ted and I were lying in bed going over all the things we had to do the next day and I was getting a little frustrated about the fact that we only have one car. I said something like “Man we need another car,” and right away my phone chirped up with “I have found several car dealerships in your area.” It was creepy and hilarious all at once and totally broke the tension.  But it makes me wonder… How much of the time is my phone listening in on my conversations?

Weird times at the Y

Posted on February 5, 2015


We joined the YMCA a little while ago and I am a huge fan. Love the classes, love the subsided membership fee, love that they let you go to all of their locations around the country. While I was in Boise I was able to go a few times-including blessedly for a shower right before Christmas when a geothermal leak made all the hot water on my parents’ street stop working. But anyway, one of the classes I went to in Boise was the weirdest thing ever. I have been to a fair number of yoga classes and nothing has ever been quite like this one. First thing, the instructor had us kneel down and then we stayed like that for fifteen minutes while she talked about her weekend. Then she had us all grab a pole and use it to hold a partner against the wall, then alternate. For no reason that I could understand. Then we got ropes from a cupboard and attached ourselves to the wall. After an hour of doing zero things that reminded me remotely of yoga or exercise in general we were done.

Since getting back to Rochester, some friends wanted to meet at the gym to workout then hang out in the hot tub. I couldn’t make it since Ted was at the court waiting to find out if he had jury duty (he got out of it) but after he got home I rushed there hoping to catch them in the hot tub. They weren’t there, but there were two women and two men there. They were all speaking Russian (I think) and every once in a while they would all stop talking and glare at me. Pretty sure I was interrupting some kind of Russian mafia meeting.

Happy Birthday Baby

Posted on January 29, 2015

Planning to make a big old video montage when I get home and have my computer and all my pictures but for now…


…happy birthday to our goofy, sweet, happy, loving, handsome, squishy, occasionally cuddly, always curious ONE YEAR OLD. Love you to pieces Julian. It makes me so happy to be your mama.

Christmas and Mccall

Posted on January 6, 2015

Ted and Emily drove to Boise on the the 22nd together from Utah where Emily lives and Ted was interviewing. It was so amazing to all be together! IMG_0515

The Xtreme Holiday Xtravaganza is a big benefit concert for a homeless shelter in Boise called the Interfaith Sanctuary. It was so fun to leave Julian sleeping at home with a babysitter and all enjoy going out together to such a festive event. IMG_0518 IMG_0524

Christmas jammies! Ted and Julian were matching and I am all fair isle all the time.

A few days before Christmas, I got a call from Emily’s boyfriend Joey asking for help coordinating a proposal! Obviously I was very happy to help and they got engaged while we were up at the cabin. My dad and I got home from skiing in the middle of the proposal while they were talking by the fire and I realized what was happening and snuck upstairs but I didn’t clue my dad in so he started tidying up downstairs and straightening all the shoes by the door while Emily and Joey waited. Finally Emily asked him to go upstairs and we all had a good laugh about it afterwards. So excited for them and for Joey to join the fam!


Emily made Julian the cutest hat and he was happy to have it up at the freezing cold cabin.


I got to ski twice at Brundage! Right as we got to the cabin, my dad and I snuck out on a scouting mission and just skiied for about an hour and conditions did not disappoint. I mean just look at those trees. The next day we left Julian with a family friend for the morning and got to ski all together, then my mom and Christian took off around lunchtime to pick him up so we could keep skiing. We powered through the whole day with no lunch and Will was an awesome tour guide of all the best powder spots. It felt so amazing to be back out there!

IMG_0579IMG_0578IMG_0540 IMG_0541 IMG_0543 IMG_0546 IMG_0547 IMG_0552 IMG_0564

Ted figured out that he could fasten Julian’s booster seat to the toboggan we have and pull him around on a beautiful snowy walk down to the lake. So no-it wasn’t there just in case he got hungry. I think he was nervous being pulled around on the sled because he got really serious and would only reluctantly smile at us and the jury is still out on if snow is cool or not. Most of the time the answer is probably not haha.

Happy New Year

Posted on January 6, 2015

Writing from the motherland here where Julian and I are hanging out with my family while Ted flies all around the country interviewing for his residency. We miss him like crazy but it has been so nice getting to be around family in the meantime. Let’s start this by going waaaay back


On December 5th, Julian and I flew to Boise. It is so exhausting flying all day with a baby but for the most part he was such a good boy. It really depends on who we’re sitting next to because all he wants to do is socialize with/poke/get food all over people around us and obviously I don’t let him have free rein but it is super nice when the person sitting next to us doesn’t act like they’re allergic to babies. Every time the flight attendants announced that we were beginning our initial descent, he would fall asleep like magic. Our last leg there was a baby in the back of the plane crying for at least 2 hours straight and I was so proud of Julian for being so patient on his third long flight of the day.


We got to Boise and my brothers are such good uncles to Julian. They have both babysat him, changed his diapers, fed him lots of new things, and followed behind him as he climbed the stairs.IMG_0442 IMG_0443

There is a small sink in my parents’ kitchen which is the exact perfect size for Julian to fit into. Perfect except for the amount of water that gets all over when he splashes…IMG_0444 IMG_0446

I brought Julian into my mom’s preschool art classroom one day to visit and the kids were all very enthusiastic about him. They all wanted to touch him and he loves other kids so much so his attitude about the whole thing was super happy and slightly overwhelmed.



Cooper gets really clingy to my mom when there is a storm coming since he is terrified of thunder. The short list of things Cooper is afraid of includes: fireworks, storms, tinned biscuits that pop when you open them and bubble wrap. Also my mom has a pottery wheel!


Picking out our Christmas tree. IMG_0457 IMG_0461

From my family’s ward Christmas party. Julian got to meet Santa and was a little skeptical. My parents live in a different ward than they did when I was growing up but I really love all the people I have met in their ward.



IMG_0470 Julian has gotten to try so many new foods since coming here. Above he is eating some pond sludge, er green smoothie and here some Mongolian barbecue in which he perfected the technique of slurping noodles.


There are so many good places to walk around here. At the beginning of our stay, Julian was having a really tough time sleeping so we would go on long walks and he would fall asleep in the stroller and then keep sleeping for a while after we got back. He sleeps like a champ now and even slept in until 10 am today! But those bundled up walks got us over the hump and we both enjoyed them a lot. IMG_0478

My mom and I had lots of projects leading up to Christmas including making Julian a stocking. I found this fabric and I love how it turned out.IMG_0484

On a very Christmassy run around the neighborhood I ran into this reindeer. It was so warm during the few weeks proceeding Christmas and then it finally snowed on Christmas Eve hashtag christmas miracle.


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